Monday, June 18, 2007

The Golden Compass... A Squee-worthy Adventure?

I have to tell on myself. I was a huge goober this weekend. We downloaded a bunch of movie trailers on the XBOX 360 (Geeks I tell you! We're all a buncha Geeks!). There was the new Die Hard installment, the new Harry Potter venture, and one called The Golden Compass. The last one was a movie I hadn't heard ANYTHING about so I was interested in it. As the trailer played I was busily trying to figure out who one of the lead actors was when ALL OF A SUDDEN, Sam Elliott showed up on the screen... and I squee'd... OUT LOUD... REALLY loudly... and then IMMEDIATELY slapped my hands over my mouth out of complete and total embarrassment at having done so. Apparently, I am a fan girlie... who knew? heh

P.S. I do have to say... NO ONE can make my... errr.. nether regions quiver like that man... I dunno WHY he's just... sigh... dreeeeeeeeeeamy... Squee!!!


Robin said...

I love that man! I think it's that very deep manly voice...kinda like another person we know, eh girlie? hee hee

Rachelle said...

hee-hee.... I love Sam. Nothing like a silver haired fox to make me sigh....
Great picture!!
Ps... how I built up my, small, *sigh*, yes... small, but loyal (!), readership base was by responding to their comments on my blog, and by visiting everyone who comes to visit me and leaving a comment on their blog each time.
You should try it!
Then people start communicating and before you know it you have a little community :))

NotAMeanGirl said...

Thanks Rachelle and Robin! Nice to see some other Sam-o-files out there! heh