Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Phone Ettiquite

OH MY GOD! I'm going to rant a bit here about people that call Customer Service Centers. If you do any of the things I'm complaining about please, please, for the love of all that is holy and helpful, consider what I'm saying and think about it from the other end of the conversation before you call again.

We hate it when people call unprepared. You know that when you call about an insurance policy or a warranty that you will need certain information when you call. Your name, phone number and oh.... maybe, just MAYBE your POLICY NUMBER. Now, if you are calling to GET said policy number we understand. Really we do. If you are NOT calling to get that policy number please have it ready when you call. Yes, we realize you've probably been multitasking due to the hella long wait to get a real live person. However, that wait is, at least in part, due to the OTHER 25 people we've just spoken with who didn't have their initial information ready for us either. Help others, help yourself, yanno?

Speaking of the unholy waiting you may have to do when you call, yes, we know its irritating. We know its inconvenient and believe me we are freaking out on our end that there's a call that's been holding for 15 minutes. However, yelling at us about it once you get through to us is NOT going to fix the problem you're having. In fact, its going to keep you on the phone even LONGER without resolution because you still haven't told us what the problem IS. We know the frustration you're feeling and we want to help you, so let us help you.

Finally, we know its difficult to believe, but many CSR's actually DO care about your problem and want to help you. A lot of us are in this field because it gives us a sense of doing something that matters to someone. A sense of satisfaction that we've made a difference to someone, even if its a small one. Don't assume we don't have a heart and that we're going to take the easy solution even if it doesn't really fix the problem. Explain the situation to us fully, yet succinctly. Make sure we have all the NECESSARY information to identify the problem and find the correct solution for you. Have the PATIENCE necessary for us to handle your problem in a complete manner.

Often times CSR's don't have the authority to fix your problem without running it by someone else or getting approval from someone above them. Don't get snippy with us if we have to pass your call to someone else or if we have to put you on hold to get the situation fixed. Know that we are doing all we can for you and sometimes that means a little extra time on the phone so we can be SURE its completely taken care of for you.

One FINAL suggestion. When you know you're completely fed up and you KNOW you're going to blow your stack at the poor, underpaid CSR on the other end of the phone, do what I do.

"I'd like to speak with a supervisor. They don't pay you enough to put up with what I'm about to be throwin' down."

Works like a charm... every time. :D

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Desiree said...

As a fellow underpaid CSR I can totally relate to how frustrating all of this that you have mentioned can be! Interesting to read another CSR's perspective.