Monday, June 4, 2007

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I dropped Shecky off at my parents for 4-6 weeks of fun at the lake and bein spoiled at the grandparents. My phone rang a short time ago and THIS... THIS is the conversation I just had:

Shecky: Momma... can grandpa give me a Mohawk?
Me: ::laughing:: Sure honey
Grandpa (in the background): She has to tell ME yes.
Grandpa (on the phone with me now): So... can I give him a Mohawk???
Me: Dead Silence for a moment
Me: Oh what the hell... it'll grow out before school starts.....
Grandpa: REALLY? (HAPPILY I may add lol)
Me: Sure... Go for it
Shecky: (Whooping and hollering) I LOVE YOU MAMA!

OMG... what have I done???

Update: Shecky opted NOT to have the Mohawk. I guess he decided that if it was OK with Momma it can't be NEARLY as cool as he thought it was lol.

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