Friday, June 15, 2007

Who Else DOES This?

I love to cook. Unfortunately, I haven't be able to really COOK in a long while. My size and the fact that by the time I get home I have absolutely NOTHING left in me energy-wise (which really, unfortunately, goes back to the whole size thing) yet I LOVE to read cooking blogs. I've even gotten to where I'm bookmarking recipes that sound good, knowing full well I'll won't make them for a very long time.

I miss cooking for my family. I used to LOVE to cook. I was the QUEEN of making a dish out of whatever was left in my pantry at the end of a payday AND making it taste GOOD. I messed around with recipe's changing this and tweaking that... ALWAYS increasing the spices or changing them.

Checking out the cooking blogs inspires me and re-ignites my desire to cook and create in the kitchen. It doesn't hurt that Top Chef and the Next Food Network Star are both on TV with new seasons either.

Hopefully, soon, within the next year or so, I'll be able to start cooking again. Who knows, I may even go out and sing in public a time or two... ::Shudder:: Okay... that's just crazy talk!


Rachelle said...

Hi there!
Saw you on the blogger group.
I can totally relate to the signing in public thingy **shudder**

You have a cute blog, you might not get to much of a readership just because it is about your life, you know? Mine is too.
Eventually you might build up a 'loyal contingency' LOL that will continue to visit through thick and thin.

Adding some pictures is always a good idea, draws people back when there are good pics posted.

Whatever happens, blogging is fun!

Getty72 said...

Nice blog!!! I agree about cooking, I find it positively theraputic :)

Keep up the great work ~ Graham

Mrs. Chicky said...

I am a slave to the cooking blogs. It's like porn to me. Food porn. Heh.