Friday, June 22, 2007


That's how my brain is today. I'm sitting here, answering calls, giving the same answers over and over and over and over until I think my brain is going to just ooze out of my ears. This job is mind numbing. The people I deal with on the phone are either highly education and don't think they could have POSSIBLY made a mistake, or very uneducated and don't understand how the plan works for them... or doesn't work for them.

I try to be respectful and friendly to all the callers. I try to be upbeat and personable and put a smile into my voice. Today... that's not happening very easily. The respect and the friendliness and the smile have to go both ways for it not to beat you down and trample you into the ground. I'm tired. I feel like I've been beaten with a bat by Babe Ruth. I'm... underwhelmed.

My GOD I'm whiny. I actually have a very good employer. They are very tolerant of my health issues and are very supportive in a lot of ways. I like helping people on a daily basis. I have a beautiful son, a loving husband and good friends. So, my question is... WHY DO I FEEL LIKE EVERYTHING IS JUST POINTLESS??? Why does nothing seem worth the effort? Why, once everyone is asleep, do I cry until I finally fall asleep from exhaustion? How do I fix these things?

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