Monday, June 25, 2007


YES! I turned in my FMLA paperwork today to HR... I'm approved for full time FMLA starting 06-27-2007, the day after tomorrow. When I go to the lake for Sheky's birthday party this weekend I'll be staying and starting my
work on THE PLAN.

I'll be exercising in the water twice a day 30-minutes per session. At first, it will mostly consist of treading water and just moving around a lot. Once my body is more used to the increased activity I'll start doing actual exercises like water aerobics. Several times a day I'm going to take a "walk". It'll be short at first. Probably down the the pavilion and back or maybe down to the pavilion, once around it and back depending on how the lungs are doing. I'll gradually increase that as well.

Food wise I'll basically be doing WW Core Plan. I've already cut sodas. I'll be cutting tea out as well next week. Also, next week I'll be dropping Complex Carbohydrates out of my diet. No crackers, chips, bread, or pasta for this girl. I'll allow a little rice and potato a couple of times a week. I'll be eating mostly protein and fruit and veggies.

While I'm doing all that, I'll be pursuing the gastric bypass track. I have two surgeons I'm going to meet with. I'll choose between them and then start the testing necessary to qualify for insurance to cover it. Hopefully it won't take TOO long.


Oh, The Joys said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Robin said...

Same here. My prayers are with you.