Monday, June 25, 2007

Queen for a Day... Fool for Life

I... am... QUEEN of the gift giving!

Shecky turns 7 on the 4th of July. I was WRACKING my brain trying to decide on a birthday gift for him. First, I was thinking Heelies. Then I priced 'em. HOLY HELL people. They want $70.00 for a pair on SNEAKERS... with a wheel... in the heel! Rolling sneakers that Sheky would outgrow in like, 3-6 months. (Yes, I know. Its longer than Paris Hilton would have spent in jail and far less traumatic but STILL!!!!!)

I then considered ending the moratorium I had on video games for this birthday. He's far too dependant on them for his entertainment but I KNOW there's several new ones that he wants. I just couldn't bring myself to do it though. He really needs to spend this summer OUTSIDE playing. Running around and being a Lil kid... not staring at the TV playing video games and practicing his smack talkin' abilities at the pixilated characters.

Then... THEN... I came up with THE gift. I was on AIM talking to my best friend who is not coincidentally Sheky's godfather, Unca B. My child ADORES this man and hasn't seen him for about 2 years. We all used to live in the same town together, heck for a while we lived in the same HOUSE. Now Unca B lives in North Carolina. I convinced Unca B to fly in for Sheky's birthday party this coming Saturday. I'm splitting the cost of the ticket with him and that, THAT my friends is going to be Sheky's present.

Now, if he's not as excited as I expect he will be when he sees his Unca B... Imma cry...

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