Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Someone PLEASE Explain My Childs Learning Process?

OMG... Shecky is KILLING me. He had a spelling test today. Since Monday was a Holiday they only had one day to learn the words before the test. (Usually they get their spelling words list on Monday.)

Last night we drilled and drilled and DRILLED on the words. Two words, "weighed" and "searched" were giving him brain cramps. Every time I would call one of those two out for him to spell he would groan and whine and bitch and complain cause they were haaaaaaaaaaard. I finally stopped drilling him on them because his frustration level was through the roof.

He came home with his test today... He spelled them right... and MISSED two words he KNEW! WTF?

I was cracking up when I saw it and swatted him playfully on the back of the head and called him a dork. They will retake the test Friday so we'll keep studying the words... ALL OF THEM.


Kelly said...

I went through this with my son last year, our first year of the dreaded Friday spelling tests. And then I learned this drama happens in EVERY house. So don't worry. You are not alone!lol

Daisy said...

You are not alone, not at all! Your son may not say he appreciates your help, but inside, he knows you make a difference.