Sunday, September 2, 2007

WI Day Blues

Well, I gained 2 lbs this week. Its not completely unexpected after the 9 lbs loss last week however it is disheartening. I've looked back on the week and I think I've pinpointed a few things that impacted it.

1. Not taking in enough dairy. I'm really bad about this. I tend to not pay attention to it or even think about it most of the time. I need to be more aware of my dairy intake. I know I KEEP saying this but it seems to be a real hurdle for me a lot of the time.

2. Taking in too MANY carbs. I ate more rice this week, more potato than I usually do. It helped sate my appetite but I tend to loose better eating high protein rather than higher carbs.

3. Only eating 1 or 2 meals a day. I know. I know. BAD Idea. I KNOW that doesn't work for me but the Core Plan says only to eat when you're hungry. I wasn't hungry much this week. Its back to 3 meals a day for me even if lunch is something really small.

4. Not exercising enough. I don't know how true this one is or not. I didn't swim as much this week. Only once. However, I have walked a couple of times. It wasn't for nearly as long as my water exercises are but its much more strenuous. I'm not sure what to make of that. I'm going to walk again this week and see if I can't increase the time I'm walking a bit and see if it makes a difference.

Otherwise, its been a nice weekend. Shecky is running around having a blast with all the kids that are here this weekend. Its the last weekend of Summer for the most part and a lot of people came to the lake for the weekend for one last hurrah. Hope you're all having a great holiday weekend as well.

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Jenn said...

Remember, muscle is heavier than fat.

And two pounds? Sweetie, I can gain that in a day.

Keep up the good work and positive attitude.

You'll get there, I just know that you will.