Thursday, August 30, 2007

Random Writings

Today is a free flow "Stream of Consciousness" blogging day for me. Here we go....

OMG... Instead of exercising in the water today I WALKED. WTF was I THINKING? Well, lemme tell you. Exercising in the water is a great no impact work out, but it doesn't get my heart rate up or my respiration's. There's no cardiac work out for me with it at this point. I walked for all of 13 minutes... in 2 or 3 minute increments per time. I had to rest to catch my breath between but other than that it went well. My legs are EXHAUSTED right now. My knees, well, we're not really on speaking terms except when they YELL at me, but I feel good about having done it. I think I'll walk several days a week and only do the water exercises on the days its just too damn hot to walk. We'll see how it goes.

Weight Watchers Core plan... I LOVE IT. I know I've said this before but I really do. I eat ONLY when I'm hungry. It drives my mom bonkers because she feels like I'm not eating enough but I'm satisfied when I quit. Not full, yet not hungry. I feel better eating this way. No bloat (I'm not eating much bread), very little in the way of carbs except fruits and starchy veggies and almost no junk. Ok... I DID say ALMOST no junk. I do occasionally splurge and have a No Pudge Brownie or one cookie or something of that sort but that's just once in a while. (Hey, I'm SO not perfect....)

There's a young girl here at the lake named KT. I have a LOT of regard and respect for this 11 year old. She's doing the Weight Watchers Flex Plan. SHE decided to do it and SHE figures it out for herself. Her mom is encouraging her and so am I. I wish I had that sort of fortitude and drive to better myself at her age. Way to go KT!

Shecky had his first test yesterday. THIRD day of school and he had a test. It was vocabulary and he ROCKED IT! He got 105% on it. (Everything including the 5 bonus words! GO SHECK GO!) He also got 100% on a math paper the same day. He was SO proud of himself and I was THRILLED. THIS is what I'm trying to instill in him about school. I WANT him to be excited to do well and upset if he doesn't. He got to get a "prize" out of the Reward Bag for doing so well on his very first test. He was loved it. To top it ALL off... that was a pre-test for Friday's test. Since he scored a perfect score he doesn't have to retake the test Friday. This is gonna be a weekly thing. I have a feeling I'm going to need more "prizes" for the Reward Bag. Anyone have suggestions for smallish rewards for a 7 year old who's obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean, Yugio, Star Wars and various other little boy things?

I hope you all have a great day! /end random thoughts.. for now


Wendy said...

Godo for you on the walking, and AWESOME on the 105, boy!


NotAMeanGirl said...

Heh I'm quite proud. However... he came home YESTERDAY with a note stating he had a science test today... and he didn't know fact ONE on it. lol. We studied our buns off last night!

zdoodlebub said...

the walk...I recall many, many inspiring stories of women who could only do five mins, etc., when they started. And before they knew it, their stamina had increased bunches. Good for you!