Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Ok, I think WallyWorld and I need to come to an understanding. I spent 3 HOURS in there today with my mother and my 7 year old son. Why is it that EVERYTHING in WalMart is irresistible to a child that age? He had to touch EVERYTHING.

Shecky: Momma, what's this? Wanna buy it? Why not? What does it do? What does it taste like?

Me: I have no idea. No. Because we don't need it. We just don't. It makes Mommas eye twitch. A snakes butt cooked in monkey brains....

And then... AND THEN... they put the frickin' Yoogie-OhNOYouDin' Cards at the frickin' check out lines along with candy, gum, cookies and fifty trillion OTHER things he doesn't need that he HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS to have.

Walmart... you are the Devil! Shecky... you are a marketing man's best friend.. sigh.

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