Monday, August 13, 2007

The Pitter Patt...

of little feet. Oh how I have missed thee! Shecky is home! I'm trying to retrain him after all the spoiling he received at the grandparents across the state! Wow! Did they do a good job! Heh.

Actually, the kid is doing great! He's behaving like a lil angel... well.. mostly. His horns keep displacing the halo at odd moments but otherwise its great having him home!

However, and you HAD to know there was a however coming, I seem to have acquired 3 other lil sets of little feet. Today, while exercising in the water, 4 kids between the ages of 5 and 10 went "swimming" with Mom and I. I have to admit, the time passed MUCH faster. We even stayed in a little longer than usual to play with the kids. We then had them all over for lunch... and they're still here. Heh. Shecky is having a blast with his friends and I'm having a blast watching them!

I would kill for more of my own... What are the odds the 3 Amigo's parents would let me adopt em???

OK SOMEONE STOP ME! I think I've lost my mind! I can barely handle one kid much less more! What is it about being around good hearted kids that makes my mind go... kablewie!?!?

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