Friday, August 17, 2007

Complete This Sentance

I'm running ______________________. I can only end it one of two ways "To The Bathroom" or "On Empty". Its not been a good day for me health wise. I'm not sure if I've caught some sort of stomach bug or my supper last night decided to LITERALLY beat the crap out of me but something is afoot... and I'm NOT happy about it. Its been going on since last night. I still managed to get my water exercise in today but it was ... scary.

I've been perusing the Weight Watcher message boards today. They've got some fantastic people there who are supportive, friendly and have great tips and recipe's they're willing to share. I like it lots.

Shecky story for the day:

He came in around 4PM today looking like he's rolled in a mud pit, rolled in a sand pit, and THEN rolled in a pig pen. OMG the MUD! I asked him what he'd been doing and his response was "Fishin'" ... Ummm Ok... ::Blink Blink::

Sorry I'm not more chatty today... I have to Run... again... sigh.

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zdoodlebub said...

Aw, feel better soon.