Thursday, August 16, 2007

That Shattering Sound You Hear...

Is Shecky's 7 year old heart breaking. We went school clothes shopping today. That, in and of itself, is enough to traumatize the poor child. HE HATES CLOTHES SHOPPING. (Ok, who am I kidding he hates clothes in general.. lil nudist in training) However, we had to buy his pants in the Husky size. The moment he realized that he was crushed. He whined, cajoled and begged not to have the Husky ones.

(Let me back up a bit here in the timeline of life. Shecky was visiting his grandparents across state for the last month. He gained almost 10 lbs while gone. He chunked up quite a bit while there. Hence, the need for the Husky sizes.)

God, THAT about broke my heart. I remember all too well being a young girl and having to buy the "Chunky Girl" sizes. The clothes weren't cute but worse than that, I felt HORRIBLE about myself for needing to get my clothes from that section of the store. I tried hard to figure out what I could do to cheer him up a bit. I gave him a big hug and told him that if he keeps active and eats the way I tell him too we'll get some more jeans in the regular size at the holidays. That worked a little. Not a lot though. Then... we saw something that made his little face LIGHT up with delight! I couldn't NOT buy it! Adorable lil bulldog slippers. (He even made me buy a pair for his grandpa so they could match heh!)

I worry though. I don't want him to experience that feeling of being so different. That awkward feeling that everyone KNOWS you can't wear the same thing they can. That you're so big you can't compete. Yeah... I know. Project much? Its still a real concern. What would you do to reassure your child in that situation?


zdoodlebub said...

You're not alone. I project my own childhood injuries onto my kids all the time...I worry for things that maybe aren't even on their radar. And then I worry that I might be missing their real issues because I'm so focused on parenting the little girl that I used to be.

Shecky's 10 lb gain? Maybe he's just getting ready to shoot upward in inches and he needs that extra weight to balance out the spurt.

NotAMeanGirl said...

Heh I hear you girl. I hear you. I think part of his weight gain is a growth spurt. (OMG YOU SHOULD SEE THIS CHILD'S FEET!) However, weight issues run on both sides of the family so a little pre-emptive caution isn't a bad thing. His lil face is already slimming back down. I'm just kinda... an alarmist sometimes heh.