Monday, August 13, 2007


Man, today has been BUSY. Husband called. The water pump on the car is D-E-A-D. Lovely ay? He's now looking for a new vehicle. We keep pouring money into this one every month. We have no car payment but what's the diff if we have to repair it every dang month. Might as well get one that has a monthly payment that's reliable. Bleh.

Of course... this comes on the heels of my GIVING MY TWO WEEKS NOTICE at work. Yeah...

The weight loss program is working well. Down another 1.3 this week. That's REALLY good considering its my TIME, ifyouknowwhatimeanwinkwinknudgenudgesaynomore! I've lost a total of 27.6 lbs in 6 weeks time. My short term disability at work runs out in 2 weeks. It was time to make a decision.

I really enjoy my job. The company I work for is fab. My boss and HIS boss are both supportive and amazingly helpful to me throughout my tenure there. My health has been suck for a long time but they stood by me and did everything they could to make it possible for me to keep my job.

Unfortunately, this is a long term project for me. I DO NOT WANT to have a Gastric Bypass. I just don't. I was considering it when I felt I had no other options. I considered it when I feared nothing else would work. What I'm doing IS working though. It will take a couple of years for it to make enough difference but its better than the invasive, dangerous, scary as hell surgery. I just can't do it AND work. There's not enough time in the day or energy in my body.

I have quit my job. In two weeks, my full time job will be simple. Loose weight. Get more mobile. Burn calories. GET HEALTHY. As a bonus for being a great employee, I get to be a SAHM and raise my child the way I've always wanted. Holy Hell... I'm scared. Hold me?


Katie said...

Congrats on your new full-time job! Looking forward to hearing about your progress :)

Unnaturally Blonde said...

You've already made great progress! Good luck with your new job, you are taking control of what you want to do, that's really admirable. Can't wait to read all about it!