Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

We are taking a day off from our exercise routine today. Mom is exhausted and I'm in some rather... intense pain. Instead, we're going to town. Going to shop at Wally-World, Walgreens, then moving furniture up stairs and cleaning it to get that area ready for the new beds being delivered this weekend...

Yeah.. Day off my arse! lol. Why does it seem there's ALWAYS something more to do.

You would THINK living at a lake, in the country, with my retired parents, would be... peaceful. Relaxing. Dull even. Ummm you would be WRONG. Dad has been busier since he retired than he was when he worked full time! He built this house on the lake. He runs a Daylily Farm called Dolollies Daylilies. He's constantly making work for himself. Mom runs the house and stays very busy with that. There's ALWAYS something to do. Its amazing how active these "old" folks are!

Every morning, around 9am, the community starts to come alive. You see couples walking for their daily exercise, kids riding golf carts, 4-wheelers, Rangers, bikes... whatever they can get their hands on. Often, instead of birdsong and other nature sounds you hear hammering, electric saws, tractors... its amazing. I thought it would be quiet, boring maybe. That'll teach me to think.

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