Monday, August 6, 2007

26.3 Less of Me... 6% of Me MISSING!

YEEEEEAAAAH! I love the WW Core Program. It just works so much better for me than Flex. I posted a loss this morning of 3.3 pounds. I've lost 6% of my body weight. :Does the dance of joy!:

I went to the doctor in Houston Friday. Gave her my numbers and she was suitably impressed. She was pleased with my progress and wants to see me for another check up in 6 weeks. (They played vampire and took blood as well. Going to have my A1C, Cholesterol and Iron checked.)

I know this is all sort of dry for you but I am STOKED! Progress, Progress, PROGRESS! I am a happy, happy Cajun girl! I had a good loss this week and Shecky comes home this coming weekend. :Bounces in Chair: Ahhhh... Life doesn't GET any better than this.

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moosh in indy. said...

I say a HOT DAMN and WOO HA! If I could stand off to the side of you with pom poms and bottled water you KNOW I would.