Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I am, no so quietly, freaking the frick out! I mentioned yesterday that I quit my job. I also mentioned that our car is falling apart and Husband wants to buy a new car. (Not a NEW car mind you but a New to US car) This in and of itself isn't HORRIBLE. Its stressful, sure, but I can handle it.

My father believe buying the car is the WORST decision EVAR! He's been talking to me off and on all day about it trying to convince me to tell Ray not to buy it. While I see his point about the money, and the interest, and yanno... the MONEY... I also see Husband's point. He drives daily through Houston Rush Hour. If he breaks down he's more likely to get hit by another driver than not. He drives to Dallas/Ft. Worth every month for USAF Reserve Duty. He has to travel 3 hours to see Shecky and I. He needs something RELIABLE and that he's not going to have to keep sinking money into every month to repair... WHATEVER. (Since the beginning of the year we've sunk $3000.00 or more into it for various repairs.)

I've given him all the arguments against buying it and told him to do what he thinks is best. Yeah... I'm a LOT of help aren't I? Bleh. I'm seriously stressing over this. If he buys the car my father is going to drive me bonkers with his attitude and his "input" about a subject that he really has no say in. If he DOESN'T buy the car, gets it fixed (Another $600.00 in repairs) and the sucker breaks down AGAIN while he's traveling I'm going to feel like a complete bitch for talking him out of buying it. I'm so screwed.

What decision would YOU guys make in this situation? I'm just curious. I like to know I'm not alone...

PS Sorry for all the ranting the last few posts. I'll be more myself tomorrow!
PSPS He bought the car! ::Cringes:: I'm going to bed. :P


zdoodlebub said...

The only reason not to upgrade your vehicle is because of your dad. But the financial argument isn't really valid because you've said in more than one post that you are already sinking tons of money for repairs. $3000 so far this year? That's $375/month. Purdy darn close to a car payment, depending on your terms. And also, there is the excellent point of your husband's safety.

You clearly have far more patience and grace than I do in dealing with your family's opinions about these matters.

I'm sorry you are stressed. I'll take some deep breaths on your behalf.

zdoodlebub said...

I posted before I read the PSPS. I'm happy for your hubby. I'm sorry that you are going to have to deal with "input" about your adult-decision-within-your-own-gosh-darn marriage. It's all going to be OK. Don't let this take your focus off of YOU. Your goals.

Kelly said...

My rule is that the if the repairs start equaling a car payment, then a car payment with less hassle it is!

NotAMeanGirl said...

Hi Kelly and Zoodlebub. :) I'm more chill now. (Apparently Stress decreases my ability to type without typos... I just caught a ton in my post!)

I think we made the right decision in the long run.

I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea about my father. He's actually a great guy. He's just very... forceful with he opinions. I have to give him credit. He didn't say a word about having bought the car last night. I was just being a wussy I guess heh. Thanks for indulging my freakaziod paranoid fantasies. :)