Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekly Update

Today was weigh in day. I LOST 4 more pounds! ::Does happy dance:: I was SO worried this week because I really wasn't careful about getting in all my fruits and veggies... or my water... or... well... my dairy. I was sure I was going to gain. Can I say how pissed off I would have been if I HAD gained? lol

I ate much less food this past week than I had been. Which is partly, why I didn't get in all the fruits and veggies and the dairy. I have no excuse for the water. I just don't drink much and I prefer Fresca or Diet Vanilla Pepsi to ... Water. Bleh.

Tonight is the real test. I've lost 31.6 lbs in 7 weeks. Tonight, after we have dinner together as a family (Husband, Shecky and I) for the first time in ohhh... 2 months... we are going to Wal-Mart and I am NOT going to use a cart. I'm going to walk that sucker as long as I can and see how long it takes before I NEED the cart of doom! Wish me luck!

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