Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Welcome World! It's Weds!

Hey everyone. I'm in a MUCH better place today. (No, not a tropical paradise :P ) Dad, surprisingly, didn't say anything about having bought the car. I guess he figured what's done is done.

On a lighter note, I had the following conversation with Shecky this morning:

Shecky: Mommah, I had good dreams and bad dreams last night. The bad dreams didn't scare me though.

Me: Well that's good! I'm glad the bad dreams didn't scare you this time. What were the good dreams about?

Shecky: Ummmm... (LOOOOOOONG pause) The bad dreams were about good dreams and the good dreams were about bad dreams.

Me: ...

(10 minutes later)

Shecky: Mommah! I remembered one of my good dreams. I was swimming in a BIG bowl of Macaroni and Cheese and I ate my way out!

Me: ::Blink Blink:: ... Are you trying to tell me you want Mac N Cheese today?

Shecky: (Huge grin and a silly giggle) Ummmm yep!

Guess what I'm making for lunch today ::rolls eyes::

I have to wonder. Did he REALLY dream that or did he just come up with it as a cute and funny way of letting me know he was hungry for it? Not that it matters mind you. THAT will crack my shit up all day long! My GOD but I adore that kid.

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