Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Updates On Old Subjects

What a way to start the week. Husband called at 6:45 AM... as in... this morning. I thought, "Wow. He called to wish Shecky a nice day a school. How sweet and thoughtful of him." Dudes... when I am wrong... MAN am I WRONG. Apparently, sometime in the dead of the night last night, our car, yes... THAT car.. was broken into. They broke out the passenger side window and stole an MP3 player, Husband's work phone and some keys. The police were called, the report was filed, the window is currently being fixed... but... DAMN! The NEW fricking car... the one we've had less than a MONTH. Jebus.

When I first started this blog I wrote about how I used to sing. It is the one thing that I always felt proud of my ability to do and do well. This weekend I went out and bought a 4 disc set of Female Country and Western songs on Karaoke. I spent an hour today singing. I strained the hell out of my throat and my voice but MAN it felt good. I'm currently working on learning "Born To Fly" by Sara Evans. LOVE LOVE LOVE that song.

I'm also a baking fool today. I'm making Chocolate Chip Cookies for Shecky. He'll have them as after school treats this week. Unfortunately those are a huge weakness for me. So, to offset the temptation of them I'm making Weight Watchers Death by Chocolate:

Make one package of NoPudge Fat Free Brownies. Let cool. Cut brownies. While brownies are baking, crush 12 pieces of Whitman's Weight Watchers Candies. (We've tried the Peanut Butter Crunch and the English Toffee. Both are great. Next time I'm going to cut up some of the coconut candies. Those you have to cut up and not crush.) Make a layer of brownies in bowl. Make two packages of Jell-O Sugar Free/Fat Free Chocolate Fudge Pudding. Spread evenly over brownies. Cover pudding with 1 container of Sugar Free Cool Whip. Sprinkle crushed/cut candies on top of cool whip. Store in refrigerator. Its only 2 pts for a cup of this stuff and its VERY good. I'm going to give some to KT this afternoon and see if she likes it. If she does, I'll give the recipe to her mom. :)

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zdoodlebub said...

I love that you are singing again. If you believe in manifesting your own abundance, the more time you spend doing things that make you feel good, like singing, the more good things will keep coming your way. Like a weightloss journey that feels easy and good instead of wearisome.

I do happen to subscribe to that line of thinking, in addition to praying for God to keep you in His will. Feeling good and staying in God's will? That's got to be some kind of secret formula, right?