Monday, September 24, 2007

Weightloss Update

I know I've been horribly lax in updating on my weightloss progress. I have a good reason though... well... not a GOOD reason. More like a reason full of suck but... it is a VALID reason. There's been NO progress in the last 2 weeks. I've neither gained nor lost a single... frickin'... OUNCE.

I'm frustrated beyond belief. I seem to have hit a plateau so... I'm making some changes starting today. Hopefully it'll help me bust through the waistland of my efforts. (WAISTland... Huh Huh Huhuhuhuh... get it... *Sigh*)

I'm now walking every day. I'm still doing 15-16 minutes a day but I'm getting more laps in per cycle. I'm walking about 3 to 4 minutes per cycle and getting in 5-6 laps each cycle as well.

I'm also starting the Weight Watchers Flex Plan. My doctor told me this would be necessary sooner or later to bust a plateau... apparently its sooner. I'm only doing 30 points a day rather than the 40 GAZILLION WW says I'm supposed to have. I'm going to chronicle what I eat here each day. (Just skip these posts if you aren't interested lol) They all be labeled Daily Menu ... just so you know what to skip lol.

Hopefully these changes will fix the problem and get me some forward motion again. I DO have to say my stamina and ability to breathe while I walk are increasing so that is SOME progress... the scale ... it hates me. Meh.

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