Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mother Knows...

not so much...

Shecky has been driving me INSANE the past few days. Temper tantrums, whining, crying, and fit throwing from dawn till dreams. I've been at my wit's end with the child. I've tried threats of grounding, threats of early bedtimes, threats of no "treats" before bed... and then I followed through on all of them. (Ok.. not the early bedtime one. But all the others!) I've cajoled, screamed, beat my head into the table... (Oh... not really that last one... not LITERALLY) and this morning I reached my limit.

I told him NO MORE. If he has an issue he can TALK to me about his problem or what he disagrees with but I will NOT accept any more of the above behaviors... THAT. IS. IT!

Yeah... he whined a bit about doing his homework and a bit more when we went over some papers he'd done in class and made not so great grades on (Read D's) but he was much better tonight. He seemed... subdued though. Sad, really.

That got me to thinking. I've spent the last few weeks basically feeling like ass. I've dealt with everything from menstrual cycles every 2 weeks to a full 7 days of blood sugar crashes... sometimes multiple crashes a day. All my energy was going to just getting... through... the... day.

My patience levels have been really LOW as well. I've been yelling a lot more at him rather than directing and correcting him. Shit. It finally hit me...

The whining, fit throwing, crying and foot stomping increased over the last few weeks. The less attention, of the POSITIVE type he got... the more he was acting out and bratting up my air space. Frick, Frick, FRIKKITY, Frick. It was my fault. He's just a lil' boy no matter how grown up he seems sometimes.

Tonight, we played a bit on the XBOX 360. We watched American Idol together, curled up on the couch. We goofed off together during commercials.

Suddenly, before my eyes, he started turning into my sweet, funny boy. Yeah he bitched a bit about going to bed. Pulled the old dejected, sighing, unenthusiastic "Love you too" routine. However, no whining, no crying, no fit throwing and no mommy yelling.

Hell... I might actually be getting the hang of this parenting stuff! Naaaaaaaah.


liv said...

on the best day, mothering is a challenge. good luck to you! (and to me!)

flutter said...

moms are so freakin cool