Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Stuffs

Just a quickie update for you guys.

I've been out of town for the last 10 days or so visiting the in-laws. It was a nice vacation but basically I ate like crap. I'm scared to weigh tomorrow to be honest.

Tomorrow I go back on program hard core. I'll be posting my daily menu and points counts as I did in the past. I've had a couple of requests to begin doing that again and, to be honest, it really helped me stay on track with my eating. It made it much less tempting for me to cheat a lil here or there when I had to post what I was eating. Heh. Vanity thy name is NotAMeanGirl.

I'm not sure how you guys feel about this though. Lemme know what you think. Should I do this here or take my weight loss stuff to a 2nd blog. (God help me I dunno if I can keep up with 2 blogs but I'll try if you guys would rather have it separate.)

Now that the holidays and vacation are over and my 39th birthday is JUST around the corner ::Whimper:: its time for me to re-commit to my weight loss efforts. The exercise pool should be up and ready for me to use shortly (Thank God) and I'll be exercising more as well. I actually MISS the exercise. Man... how weird is THAT? (So very, VERY weird... heh)

Shecky goes back to school tomorrow as well. Its a new year and a new start for everyone. :)


Jim said...

Using a blog to stay on track is a good approach. You can do this, Thanks for sharing with us.


Kelly said...

I used to do two blogs for just this reason but it got to be too much to maintain. Personally I'd just do one.

Jim said...

I agree. One blog is enough.