Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wait, A Minute...

... You know you make me wanna, Shout! Oh, how I wish that were true.

It's not often I get serious or political here on my blog. I know a lot of what I post is just random, stream of conciousness stuff and not very titilating or interesting. That's just my life. I LIVE IN THE WOODS for pitty's sake. Not. A. Lot. Going. ON! Heh.

However, today I'm going to stray on to the political and serious path.

I posted earlier on how I was torn because I didn't know much about any of our candidates participating in the bid for POTUS.

First, let me say I'm neither a Democrat or a Republican. I am not someone that votes on party lines. I try to vote my conscious and put my vote toward the people I believe will address the issues that are currently the most important. That changes often from election to election.

I got on the WWW and found out some stuff. Over at CityMama and MOMocrats I have found a n abundance of information and food for thought. Unfortunately, John Edwards, the horse I had finally chosen to back, dropped out of the race yesterday. I firmly believe we need a Democrat as POTUS for the next 4 years. I'm now at a crossroads.

I WANT to like both Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton. I just... don't.

Let me start with Mrs. Clinton. First, I don't have a lot of faith in anyone named Clinton. I didn't like a lot of what went on when Mr. Clinton was our POTUS. I realize a lot of it was his "Personal Life" being made public but... it makes it difficult to put faith in either half of that team and put the fate of our country and my child's future in their hands.

Having said that... she's got a lot of really good ideas and isn't afraid to put the details of how to fund and implement them out there for us to see. Her official website has a lot of information on said details. Just click on the header for the topic you want to know about and it spells out a lot of her plans. However, I'm not naive enough to believe that, if they are more than just lip service and empty promises, I will even recognize them if she were elected and these items of her agenda were pushed forward and implemented. Unfortunately, too many fingers will be in those pies and likely a lot of it will be changed until it doesn't resemble her original ideas.

Barak Obama is our other possibility for the Democrats Candidate. His official website has a message of hope. Everything he's talking about brings about warm fuzzy feelings that things can be better. I'm not finding a lot of substance to his ideas though. They seem much more vague than Mrs. Clinton's. There's less detail, less substansive evidence that he knows what he wants to do and HOW he wants to do it. That makes me a bit... nervous.* I also feel like he lacks experience in the venue of Foreign Policy. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing at this point. Often times, I feel we medle too much in other countries business and don't put enough focus on the problems that exist in our own country. I'm bothered, and yet not, but this aspect of Mr. Obama.

Maybe I've become too jaded about politics and politicians. I remember when I was 18 and first entering the world of political activism. I found a candidate for State Senate that I truely believed in. I worked on his campaign and did everything in my power to get him elected. My very first time in the voting booth I had someone I wanted to vote FOR. Today, and in the elections of the past oh... 26 or so years, I find myself voting against the biggest evil rather than for someone I believe in. Ahhh, youth. How I long for the optimism and beliefs you brought to me.

Help me friends. Who do you back? Tell me why. Help me find a reason to vote for someone rather than against. Help me find that optimism that change can occur for the better and that I can be some small part of it.

*I realize, based on my comments about not having a lot of faith that Mrs. Clinton's ideas would be recognizable if ever implemented the above comment makes me seem like a hipocrate. I just prefer to know they do have ideas and details at the ready for their plans.

**Please forgive any words spelled incorrectly. For some reason Blogger's spell check feature isn't working for me. Meh.

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Suzanne said...

Well, I'm gonna be of absolutely no help to you - as you have expresse exactly how I feel in this post.

At least you have company? :)