Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Blogger ...

is trying to make me insane. I missed blogging yesterday cause Blogger wouldn't let me log in. Grrrrr. I'll be blogging on Feb 29th to make up for it and still qualify for Blog365!

Today's Menu


1 C Oatmeal (4 points)
1 C Pineapple (2 points) Total Meal Points 6


1 C Spaghetti (4 points)
1/2 C Spaghetti Sauce - No Sugar Added (0 points)
3 Meatballs - 4 OZ Lean Ground Beef (4 points)
2 Slices Sunbeam Texas Giant Bread with ICBINB Spray (2 points) Total Meal Points 10


1 C Mom's Turkey a la King (6 points)
2 Slices Sunbeam Texas Giant Bread (2 points) Total Meal Points 8


1 C Fruit Salad (2 points)
1 Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich (2 points)
8 Sugar Free Short Bread Cookies (2 points)

Total Points For The Day:


If anyone wants a recipe for anything I post on a menu hollah at me and I'll get it to you.


L said...

K- I want a recipe for the turkey ala king. omg sounds so good right now

liv said...

proud of you girl, but oh, i'm no good at counting!