Thursday, January 3, 2008


I used to be very politically active... When I was younger. It seems like another life now. I was single. I was young. I was going to facilitate CHANGE in our world.

These days... I'm so busy with my life I don't even know what issues are being touted as the issue of the day. These days... I have no clue who most of the candidates ARE much less what they stand for or WHO they stand WITH.

That's about to change. I want information. I have the web. I'm going to research. I'm going to figure out who all these people are who want to run our country and what they REALLY want to do if they get into power. Hopefully, I'm not too late.

I watched the Iowa Caucus returns tonight. Obama and Huckabee? Really? REALLY? Ok... Then... Away... We... Go!

If you want to teach me about your candidate... feel free. I'm open to any and all information I can get!!!!

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liv said...

shoot, fire, i'm hoping you'll teach me. i'm too busy being in lurve to pay attention to no politickin.