Monday, January 28, 2008

Doctor, Doctor...

Gimme the news! I gotta Bad Case of Sugar Blues!

I called the Doc today. She took me off the Glimperide completely. We'll see how it goes. If I continue crashing daily I'm to call back.

Hopefully I'll have more interesting things to talk about now!

Yesterday was weigh in day... it was not pretty. I exercised every day and lost... are you ready? Can you HANDLE it? I lost .2 lbs. POINT 2. Jebus take the wheel... cause yer KILLIN me with this schiznit!

I'm wondering if all the crashing blood sugars have anything to do with it or if my body is just being difficult. Heh. It's prolly a combination of the two!

How are you guys doing out there? Hey... is this thing on?? ::taps on microphone::

So... a Knight, a Dragon and a Dwarf walk into a bar... you'da thought the Dwarf woulda missed it... ::Ba dum bum:: ***

*** I blame it on the constant low blood sugars... *cough*

1 comment:

Kelly said...

lol...I found that anything can affect my weighloss. The wind, jacked up blood sugars, the donut, what? Did I just say that? Anyway, things will all workout in the end. Just keep pluggin' along!