Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ties That Bind...

Wow. I have family issues EVERYWHERE this week.

I have a cousin who has a drug problem. It's a bad one. Cocaine, Weed, Booze... God knows what else. There are 3 kids in this person's care, under this person's supervision. Two of the kids are young, one is almost an adult.

CPS is now involved. They've been called anonymously, NOT BY ME, twice. I was talked out of it by my mother.

Today's CPS involvement required a drug test request. The person in question... refused. They have been removed from the family home and are not allowed contact with the children without the other parent present and are not allowed to spend the night in their family home.

The kids are distraught. The spouse is as well.

I'm of two minds about it. I'm glad someone is finally doing what I didn't have the chutzpa to do myself and getting involved for the sake of the kids. I'm hopeful, PRAYERFUL, that the person in question gets the help they need to beat their demons... all of them not just the addictions, but I'm doubtful. I feel like crap because of the upheaval the kids are going through. I feel responsible because I could have stepped in long ago, perhaps before things were so far gone, had I had the guts... and the proof. I'm angry with the spouse for not stepping up and doing something about the issue themselves... yet... I totally understand the why's of not doing it and trying to handle things oneself.

Do me a favor folks. Pray for their family. The kids, the adults... all of them. They're good people with a problem they can't/don't know how to handle...

It also makes me think of Brittney Spears... Imagine... going through all that with the press watching and making public your every move... Jesus.


flutter said...

oof. I will hold them close in my prayers.

liv said...

hang in there honey. prayers on the way.