Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weigh In Day Update

So, it would seem not getting all my points in is a VERY BAD THING. I gained 6 lbs this week. WTF?

Upon reviewing my week I see a lot of things I did wrong. I didn't however EAT anything I shouldn't have. I didn't even eat everything I SHOULD have. Meh.

I was a lot more inactive this week. I had a headache for 4 days. 4 DAYS!!!! I felt like crap in general as well. I also had a problem of the... female variety. (Guys, you can stop reading if you'd like. I know this kinda stuff is... Icky for you heh) My last cycle ended on Dec 31, 2007. Niiiiiiiice right? I started AGAIN this past Monday. January 6, 2008. WTF? I dunno how much of the weight gain is due to some sort of hormonal thing I have going on or what but I DO NOT LIKE IT. I KNOW its the reason I felt like warmed over dog shit for 4 days though. Anyone have any ideas on what may be causing that?

This week I'm going to move around more and be more active. I'm going to EAT ALL MY FRAKKIN' POINTS. I'm going to drink my water and my dairy. Hopefully those things will make a difference. If not, I'll be going on the Core Plan shortly.

How was your week?


liv said...

i miss my man friend desperately. that's how i am. poo.

you? eat your food, chicken.

flutter said...

ooooh the WW.

uh yeah, eat the points, girl. They really are important and don't let that scale throw you off track. I am here with ya.